Postdoc position in Participatory Digital Media

The Faculty of Humanities at Ume University is seeking a Postdoctoral Researcher to be placed at the Department of Culture and Media Studies. The researcher will conduct studies relating to the continuities between participatory culture and civic engagement. As such, qualified candidates should be aware of current research trends in digital culture, new media, online activism, web and citizen journalism, and fan studies, and should be ready to apply that knowledge to case study research.



Trans [call for papers]

TRANS- Transcultural Music Review 16 (2012) will publish a special dossier on the new forms of music in audiovisual media. The dossier will be prepared in collaboration with the research group “Música y medios audiovisuales” from the Society for Ethnomusicology-SIBE/IASPM-Spain and will be edited by Teresa Fraile, Eduardo Viñuela, and María Edurne Zuazu. TRANS 16 (2012) Dossiê Novas formas da música na mídia audiovisual - CHAMADA DE ARTIGOS.

Voice to the voiceless

Peter Gabriel talks about Witness, his
organization that helps people document
human rights violations on video.