SellaBand is based in Amsterdam, the creative capital of Europe. Since its launch in August 2006, SellaBand has coordinated recording sessions for 37 artists or acts who had their albums funded by their fans. Over $3,000,000 has been invested in independent bands via www.sellaband.com.


Slicethepie is a financing platform for the music industry that enables new and established Artists to raise money directly from Music Fans and Investors.

Participatory Journalism

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Digital Media and Learning Competition

Participatory Learning
HASTAC and the MacArthur Foundation are excited to launch the third year of the Digital Media and Learning Competition. Today, young people are learning, socializing, and participating in civic life in dramatic new ways and assessing information in ways never before imagined. They are reimagining learning on a daily basis and are engaged in what is called "participatory learning." The 2010 Digital Media and Learning Competition challenges designers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, and young people to put participatory learning to work on behalf of science, technology, engineering, math and their social contexts in the 21st century.

The online application system will open January 15, so now's the time to develop your ideas and pull your information together. Click here to see what you will need to include in your application. 2008 Competition Winners

Digital Exclusion in the Information Society

Exclusão Digital na Sociedade de Informação / Digital Exclusion in the Information Society (Lisboa, FMH, 29 e 30 de Janeiro de 2010)