International Communications Market Report 2014

Ofcom has today published its annual International Communications Market Report 2014, which examines the take-up, availability, price and usage of communications services across the world's major countries, including the UK. The report covers the telecoms, broadcasting and postal sectors.
It is published today alongside Ofcom’s latest European Broadband Scorecard, which compares levels of internet coverage, take-up, usage and choice between European Union states.
Both reports underline the importance of the internet and broadband to UK consumers, businesses and the economy as a whole. A news release is available summarising major findings.

Tim Berners-Lee: Europe's 'right to be forgotten' rule is dangerous

Web founder: Europe's 'right to be forgotten' rule is dangerous. Tim Berners-Lee thinks scrubbing false information off the Web is fine, but the truth should be preserved for reasons of free speech and history.


Novos Media: Consulta Pública

A Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social (ERC) prorrogou até 31 de Dezembro o prazo para participação na discussão pública sobre o estudo «Novos Media – Sobre a redefinição da noção de órgão de comunicação social».

O Conselho Regulador da ERC divulga para discussão pública o estudo “Novos Media - Sobre a redefinição da noção de órgão de comunicação social”, tendo como objetivo a auscultação de todos os interessados relativamente à redefinição em estudo. O período de consulta pública termina a 12 de dezembro, devendo os contributos ser encaminhados para consultapublica@erc.pt


Internet Citizens 2014

Ofcom has published Internet Citizens 2014, a report on UK adults’ participation in online content and services which further participation in society or democracy. The research considers the extent and nature of online engagement with Government websites, e-petitions, heath services, public service broadcasting, news, hyperlocal sites, citizen journalism, cultural activity and libraries.


Netflix generates a third of all US web traffic

Netflix generates a third of all US web traffic - over twice as much as YouTube. Netflix takes up 9.5% of upstream traffic on the North American Internet

Children’s Digital Day research

Ofcom today published Children’s Digital Day research which shows children are topping up traditional live TV viewing by watching online video clips and catch-up TV. It shows that older children aged 11-15 are watching half the amount of live TV per day as adults (1 hour 32 minutes versus 2 hours 58 minutes). In contrast, older children are spending six times longer than adults watching short online video clips on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo (33 minutes versus 5 minutes). Half (45%) of 11-15 year olds watch online video clips on websites every week compared with 20% of adults.


FIWARE Bootcamp

Do you see yourself like an entrepreneur? Want to learn or improve your FIWARE skills? Studied computer science or know how to code? Are you disruptive at it - or want to be? If yes... The Future Internet is here, in Lisbon: FIWARE Bootcamp + Startup Weekend

Hacia la comunicación transmedia

Fernando Irigaray, Anahí Lovato (2014) (Eds.). Hacia la comunicación transmedia. Rosario : UNR Editora. Editorial de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario.