Journalism in Digital Times

Mapping Digital Media: Global Findings

The Global Findings reveal common themes across the world:

- Governments and politicians have too much influence over who owns, operates, and regulates the media.
- Many media markets are rife with monopolistic, corrupt, or untransparent practices.
- It’s not clear where many governments and other bodies get their evidence for changes or updates to laws and policies on media and communication.
- Media and journalism online offer hope of new, independent sources of information, but are also a new battleground for censorship and surveillance.
- Data about the media worldwide are still uneven, unstandardized, and unreliable, and are often proprietary rather than freely accessible.


UT Austin|Portugal 2014 R&D call

The UT Austin|Portugal Program has released its 2014 call for R&D projects in the following areas:
- Video Games
- Digital Media Content and Tools
- Media Processing and Retrieval
- E-Health
- Emerging Technologies


EuroDIG 2014

Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet. EuroDIG - European Dialogue on Internet Governance - will take place at the Federal Foreign office of Germany, in the heart of Berlin (12 -13 June 2014). Online registration will only be possible until 6 June 2014. Don’t wait too long we have limited capacity …register here.


O Poder dos Media

Conferência «O Poder dos Media», com a participação especial de Pedro J. Ramirez, fundador e antigo diretor do jornal espanhol El Mundo. Comentário de José Manuel Fernandes (ex-Director do Público) e publisher no Observador. Moderação: António Granado (FCSH-UNL). Na FCSH/NOVA, dia 30 de Abril às 10h, Auditório 1. Mais info: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/media/eventos/o-poder-dos-media



Printoo reached its funding goal on Kickstarter in 72 hours - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1030661323/printoo-paper-thin-flexible-arduinotm-compatible-m without any media support. However, the response has been overwhelming. Printoo will be featured finally in several major outlets this week. You can watch the still private video on the Blimpoo project to be published on Make Magazine at https://vimeo.com/92349438, password: printoo. During the next three weeks, we will be publishing videos to show how Printoo will make a difference in building everyone’s Internet of Things.

#NEThinking 2014

25 Y 26 DE ABRIL DE 2014. #NEThinking es un foro de singular formato, que permite la reflexión abierta a través de la convivencia en una pequeña isla, con sesiones de participación libre y plenamente consolidado como una cita obligada en la red. Así lo han calificado los miembros de la comunidad #NEThinking, la mayoría de los cuales participan desde la primera edición en este proyecto que va sumando cada vez más seguidores. Descarga el programa y síguenos en directo por streaming: www.nethinking.es Participa a través de Twitter: @NethinkingES #NEThinking2014



Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, February 2014; Vol. 20, No. 1: Cultural expression in augmented and mixed reality (eds: Maria Engberg and Jay David Bolter). Table of contents.